The ONE Network exists to provide connection, collaboration, and coaching for like-minded pastors, ministers, leaders and churches.

Develop covenant relationships with leaders across the globe

Build strategic partnerships to achieve shared ministry goals

Receive direction for your ministry through strategies & concepts


When you enroll , you immediately get unlimited access to:

THE SYSTEMS RESOURCE VAULT: (Basic, Network & Pastor’s Circle) Download and customize detailed resources that will give you the systems you and your team need to organize and build a healthy, effective church.

VIDEO COACHING: (Pastor’s Circle Only) You and your team will access coaching videos facilitated by pastors and proven leaders from all over the world that are excelling in ministry and other unique industries with insight that will directly benefit and your church.

PODCAST COACHING: (Pastor’s Circle Only) Maximize every minute and moment with our audible coaching that allows you and your team to advance, learn, and grow while on the go.

PASTOR’S PORTAL: (Pastor’s Circle Only) Connect, collaborate, ask questions, submit prayer requests, help others problem solve, and celebrate what God is doing personally, pastorally, professionally, locally, nationally, and internationally with pastors and leaders from all over the globe.

CATEGORIES (Pastor’s Circle Only)

  1. Preaching & Teaching
  2. Volunteer & Talent Management
  3. Church Management
  4. Marketing & Ministry Promotion
  5. Weekend Production
  6. Disciple Making
  7. Leader Training
  8. Youth Groups
  9. Young Adults
  10. Men’s Groups
  11. Women’s Groups
  12. Small Groups
  13. Special Events
  14. Outreach